Who am I

What am I like, who am I, about me, what’s my story?

I have been finding that way too difficult to answer so here are just a few things that might describe the kind of person I am.

I think my memory cells are in my nose! I am really terrible at remembering faces and names but I can remember smells. Good ones especially, bad ones not so much.  The smell of the body wash I used after Imogen was born reminds me of pain and I will never use it again.

I often feel terrible guilt. If I park in the “parents with prams” car park when the kids are not with me, if I buy sleepwear with nylon for someone else’s kids, if I eat the last biscuit off the plate when someone else might have been wanting it.  If I don’t pick up the dog poo. Guilty guilty guilty.

I am a candle snob. (Again, it is the smell thing)

I would never work for the Casino and think gambling is the devils work.
I have a Commerce degree with a double major: Economics and Marketing.

I often faint, not at the sight of blood, but at the discussion of blood. This is a difficult thing to manage some days, as I do work in a hospital.

I pretty much hate cooking. Considering I really like to eat good food this is just another one of my daily struggles.

I don’t write about it as much as I expected, but I really love handwritten mail. I also love handwriting, once I even did a calligraphy course, but that is one skill that takes hours to really master.

This blog started years and years ago before most people even knew what it was. It was a place for to me to check out things for work, to practise my writing, to store our memories, and along the way it kind of got a life of it's own. There are the most delightful of people who pop by and read it and comment and join in the fun. Mainly, it's a place where I write whatever I want, when I want for purely selfish reasons. 

This blog is not going to give you fashion tips or catering advice, there will be no highly stylised images. It's just us. Just me.

Stick around, you might not learn anything, but you might have a laugh, a cry or a break from your work (yes, I do think reading blogs at work is suitable use of your time).

That’s it, this is my blog about our life in the burbs with my husband, Mr H, the small ones Arabella and Imogen, and a range of random things that I keep thinking about while cleaning up the weetbix.

I hope you enjoy reading some of our adventure.

Claire, xx

P.S You can read about my blog name if you like.

P.P.S. I have it on good authority that commenting on this blog provides extremely good luck, much fortune, and leads to a very happy day. Try it out and see how you go.

This is for the naughty people, others call it a disclaimer. 

Clairey Hewitt is my blog and a stand alone website and all the views expressed herein are my own and not anyone elses. I welcome your comments but ask you to remain polite. I like the dinner party rule, if you wouldn't make the comment at the table, please refrain from making it here.
If you would like to use my images or content please contact me at the email address on the home page. Images and content must also link to this blog after you have received approval for their use.


  1. I could definitely use the good fortune, luck and happy days. Thank you. I like your blog, and I think I have a lot in common with you. Perhaps we were separated at birth?

  2. Loving your 'new' blog and can relate to most of what you said above! And yes, plans to do my masters one day too :-)

  3. Hi Claire - was just wondering if there's a page anywhere that has contact details or some info on how to get in touch with you. would love to invite you to partake in a competition i'm running.

    Gracie x x

  4. Your story is fantastic! I read all the way to the end, which is a great sign LOL Seriously, I think what you've written is perfect. And I was thrilled to hear how the little twists and turns led you to where you are now. x

  5. I loved reading you new 'About Me'... I'm a handwriting/calligraphy/handwritten mail fan too. :)

  6. Clairey,
    I"m so glad I met you today on #HCSMANZ. We talked about Blogs and I'm no expert but I do know what I personally enjoy and will spend time reading. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Blog Baby. Pictures keep it interesting, transparency reminds me of my time as a Mom when my daughter was a young one and your professional background is obvious.

    It was such a pleasure to read.

    Thank you,


  7. Yay! Another Melbourne blogger! I can't believe we've both organised a 'Blog every day in May' too! Great minds must think alike :) Sunday

  8. Having a giggle as I re-read this. I'm not sure if Malcolm Fraser will be tweeting anyone anytime soon ;) x


Commenting brings amazing luck, you must try it and see how you go!

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