Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It has taken eleven years for Easter Tuesday to fall on April 22 again.

Eleven years ago this girl was born.

Eleven years ago today she was eleven days old.

She didn't notice the helicopter swoop in.

She had not devoured the chocolate eggs her big brothers were allowed to indulge in.

She did not hear the whispered promises I made to her biggest brother as he lay in ICU that day or the way I bargained with all my powers to a God that didn't listen.

Eleven years is a long time, but it's not really very long at all.

It's long enough for us to have two more weddings and to welcome five new babies into our immediate family. Long enough to travel, to learn, to make marvellous friends. It's long enough to smile again. And laugh. It's enough time to learn that it's more than ok for people to grieve and also be happy at the same time. It's enough time to learn that if God was real he wouldn't take babies from earth before their time, but to let you also indulge in the belief of a heaven, a paradise for children to play in eternally.

It's not long enough that sometimes when you least expect it a song will come on the radio that makes you think of a boy that was only on earth for three years and eight months but who changed the world for you. Because Lochie, the pain in our hearts will always feel like a piece of us is on fire, no matter what it looks like on the outside after eleven years.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 16:

Last week the My Family and Me post didn't go live - well not on the blog it didn't, but I did post to Instagram and facebook and twitter but it was brought to my attention (hello Emma) that not all people use those platforms.

How was your Easter?

I did something new, something I usually prefer to steer clear of.

We camped.

Mainly I faux camped.

But on Saturday night, the Easter Bunny was coming and I didn't want to be snuggled up in my big bed at Mum's and miss the kids faces after Easter Bunny had been visiting the camp, so I found myself sleeping quite snug in a tent.

There was no mobile coverage and no power so Mr H and I both left our phones packed away and soon realised that without a phone we also have no camera.

When my sister arrived with her swanky new camera Mr H snatched it from her and drooled over how great it was, then he went snapping around the campsite. He even managed to snap a perfect My Family and Me shot for my collection, even though it seems I was the only one wanting to smile for the camera, everyone else was just having too much fun being together.

Welcome back Puffy Jacket weather! 

Link up if you have time. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

You know how they say a picture tells 1000 words? I often think that a picture misses out 1000 words. There is always so much more to a story than one brief second.

Wordless Wednesday is a chance to share images not stories - except for the story that the image tells.

Here are some from this year.

Linking up with my blogging friend Trish for this week's Wordless Wednesday.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Remembering names and faces

I have really bad facial memory. I don't know if that is a thing or not but I am shocking at remembering people that I haven't seen in a while. Or haven't spoken to.

People that I used to work with, people I currently work with or people I see around but don't know, I am hopeless at thinking quickly and putting the name to the face to the place.

There was an auction in our street last week, the house was just two doors up so we stood outside to see how it went. On the front lawn was another family and I kept thinking the woman looked familiar. I decided she must be from the same swim school as us, or maybe her kids do dancing and I have seen her there, or perhaps the little boy was from creche last year. There were over 100 people at the auction so I quickly roamed around to see who else was there and then listened to the auction.

Then yesterday a lady at work asked me if I knew Emma, a photographer who had taken my photo. No, I said, I don't know any Emma at all, and I haven't had any photos taken by an Emma. You must she said, because your face is on the promotional brochure that I got in the mail. Nope, I said, it can't be me, must be someone who looks like me.

She said she is really good with faces and even though we have only met a couple of times she KNOWS it is me. I had to think and think and think.

Then I googled my own blog.

Yes! That's right. I remember Emma. Yes. We did have some photos taken. Yes, Emma is really lovely, I loved the day she took the photos.

I started flicking through them again and saw this one.

Last year when I saw that photo I hated that mole near my mouth. It's the first thing that I always see in every photo of me. But now it's gone. Still healing, still a month of sticky tape on my face to wear, but it is out, it was totally cancer free, and it is gone.

When I told the girls it was coming off, Immy was worried that she wouldn't know which Mummy was hers when she came out for school pick up. I told her not to worry I would call out her name, just to be sure.

And while I was waiting around for the Preppy doors to open I noticed another woman. The same one from the auction. Yes, that's it. Our kids are in the same class at school.

How good are you at remembering faces?

Monday, April 7, 2014

I need help with hair straighteners

Years ago my sister gave me a hair straightener for my birthday. Possibly she thought it was about time I added one to my tools to assist with bad hair days. 

There was nothing fancy about it, just a basic model and it worked ok - if you used it. Took me a couple of years to really give it a go. 

I did use it for dance concerts and attempted to get a few curls with it but it just didn't work, the edges were too rough and it was too big. 

Last year with yet another dance concert that needed Popps with a head of curls I sought out the help of my Mother in law. She is a big user of tools to get your hair under control and I tried out a few of her sleek and hotted up weapons of a bad hair day. 

I couldn't get control of them at all, however she also had a new tool of mass frizz destruction. 


It had been a gift from Father in Law Huey. FiL Huey had seen this gadget and thought it looked pretty useful. 

I couldn't get it to provide curls in Popps' hair but I was intrigued with this thing. 

I wanted to see if I could get it to work for me. Surely this is the tool I have been looking for. 

Let me tell you to save your money. The Instyler looks good but do not let this fool you. 

The barrel is huge and it is hot, unlike on straightening irons, there is no plastic backing on any side so you regularly touch the edge of an ear or the back of your neck and you BURN THE SKIN FROM YOUR BODY. 

I decided it was because my hair was too short so it couldn't get around the barrel, but as my hair has grown I have still burnt myself with this thing. I have also burnt the bathroom bench because when you put it down, the freaking hot over 400 degrees barrel just touches whatever it lays on. I have burnt face washers and melted plastic bottles with this thing. 

Worst of all, the Instyler has made me develop OCD. It is so so hot and burns so quickly that I keep worrying about if I have turned it off. One day I actually made Mr H leave work and drive home to check it was off for me, I was so worried about burning the house down. There is no auto switch off on this thing, it is just a damn hot rod of stress. It also takes a really really long time if you want to style your hair with this thing. Apparently it takes you from damp to wet hair, but that is only if you are happy to take about an hour just to dry your hair. 

So it is time I admit defeat, accept that I can not master the Instyler and return it to MiL Huey. At the same time I need to invest in my own decent hair straightener, because although I might have the straightest hair on earth, short hair needs assistance in the morning to make it work ready, as I barely have any skin left on my ears as it is, I need something a bit safer to use, and I would really like an auto safety switch too. 

Do you have a hair straightener, is it safe for me to use? Would love your recommendations.

Week 14: From Above


Hello School Holidays.

Mr H is missing in action due to being on night shift this week so it's just us girls.

And minecraft, freaking minecraft addiction is in the house.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Things I think of when I have to think of something else.

I had a little procedure today.

Isn't that an odd sentence? Is that just something I say now because I have been working in a hospital for three years? Procedure. It's what people have.

Anyway, you know how I had my naked photos taken, well they have already come in handy and today I had to go under the knife. Not really all that big a deal but as I hate needles and stuff I had to concentrate on not fainting and think of other things.

When you are told to think of something else it's really hard to think of something. So I tried to concoct a blog post in my head. What would I write, what could my next post be about? Nothing came to mind.

Should I write about stuff coming up for Easter? What about some reviews of stuff that I didn't like - is it nasty and bad karma to write about things I don't like? Would I make the makers of the stuff sad, hurt their feelings? It's not nice to say unkind things. Then again, should people be made aware of dodgy products so that don't waste money on stuff I don't like. But what if it is just me that doesn't like it and everyone else does - kind of like gin. I don't like gin, but I do like vodka, but lot's of other people like gin.

Perhaps I could write about how it felt when they were cutting, that it felt like she was drawing on me with a texta and even though it didn't hurt I was concentrating really hard on not moving and not fainting. I could write about my heart rate when she said we need to do "insert medical term I had not heard of" right now, have you had a pace maker? It's bleeding more than it should.

I could write about how nice the nurse was, I thought she was so friendly and made me really relaxed, I felt like we could be friends, if it was different circumstances we could go for lunch.

I laid there thinking of how this was such a simple procedure and it was still annoying to have to go through, my heart cracked a little for all the pain and suffering people with real illness have to cope with, for days and sometimes years on end.

Then before I knew it, 45 minutes was done and though I had one less mole on my freckled face, I still had no idea of what I could blog about next.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 13 of My Family and Me

We have hit the three month mark so it's a good time to take a breath and see where we are at with my challenge.

As the year began I noticed that both Mr H and I were in too few photos on both of our phones. If we were to print up the last 7 years of our lives into a photo album it would be like we didn't exist. The challenge to ourselves was to get more images every week, mainly one. Just one image per week that included one of us, or both, with the kids. 

No rules at all, just an image that reflects we are THERE! 

We started off pretty well.

Then got more creative. There were exciting times happening, a first day of school, holidays, a new cafe opened near us and Mr H ate a breakfast bigger than his entire torso.

Some images didn't make it on to the blog, but they still make it into our albums.

Look carefully at the shop mannequin in the middle.

I like to call this following image Clairey's Cowch, it is just as comfy as it looks. Usually we wouldn't have bothered to get this image, it was only that I was thinking I needed one for my challenge that made Mr H take it.

This week I am throwing in a picture of the girls with their Granny, and I am also going to make a bigger effort to get some more images with all of their grandparents. Do your kids have many photos with their grandparents? 

Grandma did some baking with the girls this week, it's her thing, she isn't into playing games or toys, she cooks, it seemed like a bit of fun, and best of all, there are smiles all round. 

I am adding the linky in again - sorry I have been a bit slack putting it in, if you haven't joined in yet, maybe you can try for a photo just once a quarter with your family - that would be four photos a year. This week is a great time to start.

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